Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's aLIVE!!!

The tour that is... the online Hallowe'en Artist StudioTour!!! It went live as of October 1st.
And it's teaming with Hallowe'en or darkly inspired artwork...below are my offerings this year:


This is my latest little Pixie dragon; Trixie, the shoe collecting dragon (vintage shoe made by me too)! You can see more pics of Trixie in the haunted woods where my Hallowe'en treats are to be found!
And don't forget that much of  the proceeds (including artist fees) will go to support the welfare of bats! For example, $25.00 of Trixie's adoption fee will go towards Bat Conservation International!

And here is my latest Dragon Mask that I created
especially for this Hallowe'en season. Note; it's the second dragon mask that I have ever made and the first one that has been available for purchase! 
(I have never been able to part with the very first dragon mask that I created.)

Yes, I did try it on and can tell you that it's a very light and comfortable fit for such an elaborate looking mask. Would be a fabulous for a Hallowe'en party or masquerade ball!

Don't forget to check out the other fabulous artists on the Tour! Including our talented hostess, Karen Waschinski who has worked very hard to organize the tour and also has some wonderful treats to offer this Hallowe'en!

I love this time of the year ~ here's hoping you have a bountiful Harvest season and a spooky, fun-filled Hallowe'en!

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  1. The quality of Tammi's masks are extraordinary! She made a custom ravens mask for my wedding! She did an amazing job and was wonderful to work with! DO NOT HESITATE to purchase anything from her!

    Love the new dragon and mask!!!

    ~Tara W