Saturday, November 20, 2010

Awaiting Winter...

I had such a great Hallowe'en season that I'm having a little trouble getting inspired for Christmas...snow would help, but, so far, no such luck! I decided to go back through some of my photographs of winters past and found a few of my favorite pictures from a morning when the neighborhood was covered in a blanket of hoar frost.
I remember, on that cold, bright morning, how lucky I felt that I got the chance to see such amazing frost and capture it with my camera before the sunshine melted it all away.

 Looking back at these images is starting to help me feel a little more inspired...and I'm picturing those cold winter days, yet to come, where there's a quiet, blanket of snow all around....When you're torn between taking a stroll, all bundled up, through the carpet of white or just satisfied to take it all in through a window from inside with a toasty cup of hot chocolate warming your belly.

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