Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 = "Work In Progress"

Yes, I do feel like the year 2011 is a work-in-progress and the more I attempt to direct its course one way or another; the less effective I am overall. I think I'll just have to try my best and roll with it. Although, in the meantime, I can certainly share its progression!

Here is the latest creative mess in my studio:

And in the center of that mess (barely visible on the table) is this little guy, a work-in-progress Pixie Dragon:

Unfortunately, his progress has been halted (temporarily) because my best laid plans have been waylaid by the Wonderful Winter Wonderland that mother nature so kindly bestowed upon us here in Southern Ontario. I love the snow - so I'm not complaining - but there was so much snow piled up on top of my studio that it melted through and sprung a leak right in the middle of the wall, just to the left of my work area.
So, I've had to clear all my supplies and finished sculptures off of the shelves nearby and strip the wall bare of any pictures, etc. Fortunately, other than the wall itself, the only serious damage was done to one of my papier-mache books, which was soaked right through, but it is not irreplaceable. Hopefully, following the warmer temperatures expected in the next couple of days; all the white stuff on top the studio roof will melt away! *Fingers crossed!*

One bit of good news; I'm surprised and delighted to be featured on a list of "Top 40 Sculpting Blogs." Thanks very much to the creator for including me! I'm number 9 on the list (you can see my Whimsical Wyvern as one of the feature photos) and it's worth checking out the list because there many great artists featured (whom I'm flattered to be included with) and some great sculpting resources.

Lastly, a small thing that makes me happy; I just love this photo I snapped of Lucas, my ginger kitty!

I took it the other day, outside the studio in the snow. Lucas was standing on his hind legs, stretched full-length, with his front paws on my leg in attempt to elicit an ear-scratch from yours truly. I paused from taking shots of icicles hanging off the roof of the studio and managed to capture his entire face looking right up at me; I love how his face fills the frame! Funny kitty.

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