Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Blast of Winter...Hopefully?

This past week brought a huge dumping of snow that will hopefully be the last of the season. But it also meant a last chance to get some winter season pics on the quiet and peaceful boardwalk at a local park. While I went looking for snow pics; I also found some signs of spring in the mix...

If you look closely at the image above,you can see two red-breasted robins sitting on the boardwalk patiently waiting for the spring to finally arrive.

And the melting ice and snow left behind the this lovely frozen sculpture on the Speed River.

Sadly, also 'left behind' was this very early egg which, after being subjected to minus below temperatures, surely won't make it to a hatchling. I wonder why the parents decided to abandon it?

Fortunately, for my camera, the chickadees were quite hungry on this briskly cold day...

The chickadees at this park have become quite accustom to people feeding them from their hands. They especially like to eat those little black oil sunflower seeds - a treat for them. But what a treat for us! To feel those little tickling bird's toes and the flicker of gentle feathers as they land and take off, with a tasty snack.

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