Saturday, July 30, 2011

Costumes, Headpieces & Props Galore!

I recently had the fortune to tour one of the largest costume warehouses in North America. Just imagine, aisle after aisle of costumes, props, masks & headpieces!!

The Stratford Festival (in Ontario, Canada) houses their collection in what looks like an aircraft hangar from the outside!

Inside, it seemed just as huge:

And then all the goodies inside! 

 Costumes, of course!

And masks!


More headpieces!

Props & backdrops!

I loved the backdrops!

Especially, since most of them were finished using papier-mache!!

There even was faux food.

That looked pretty realistic!

Good thing it was time for lunch shortly after that.
But seriously, it was amazing to get this behind-the-scenes view of the Stratford Festival!
If you ever get the chance to take in a performance at the Festival or see some of the behind-the-scenes tours, don't hesitate!!

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