Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mushrooms on my mind...

Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of snow here but I've been thinking about mushrooms for quite sometime now. It all started this past summer. While hiking in the Algonquin area, I spied and photographed mushrooms I've never seen before. What a lovely variety there was:

And then this past Hallowe'en, there were Tim Murton's mushrooms. Which were awesome!

And then I stumbled across the Spore Project - check it out! So, inspired, I started playing around with making my own paper bag mushrooms - fun! And then, naturally, I took it one step further and paper-mached my mushrooms.
Oh, and added a dragon.
Here's a WIP pic:

And the finshed piece:

And guess what? This little pixie dragon and her mushroom base are up for adoption on eBay. Click here to view the auction.


  1. WOW! Gorgeous! I love the contrast between the dragon and the mushroom and the wings are beautiful, love the dragon-fly look!
    Reminds me of our upside-down pumpkin stems! Another mushroom!

  2. Aaaaahhh! Cute! What delicacy.