Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tiny winter wonders...

Here's hoping everyone had a good Christmas season! We finally got some snow on Boxing Day - a little late for Christmas, but it still made me happy to see - and made for a lovely evening winter walk! Here's a couple pictures from that night...the first is of three little ghostly trees alight in the clinging snow:
The next one was quite a lucky shot. At one point, right out in front of us, a little mouse got caught unawares (he must have been running between snow tunnels in the cold white stuff). He panicked, started running up the closest snow bank and promptly fell into a deep hole in the snow melted by a garden light in someone's front yard. Just when I thought I might have to rescue him, he scurried out and ran safely under a hedge. On the delicate surface of the snow he left little tracks highlighted by the lamplight:
Hope you've experienced some wonders this season, whether big or small, and wishing everyone a wonder-full 2013!

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