Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter News & Spring Anticipation!

Hope 2013 has been treating everyone kindly :) I can't believe that spring is on its way here...and I'm looking forward to it after a real Canadian winter! Although, I did manage to finally get a good winter shot of my favourite clock tower - since we've had no shortage of snow this year.

2013 finds me enjoying high-rise living with a great view of the city. Yes, a new apartment - minus a studio, for the time being. But even without a studio to decorate and no garden jungle for Lucas to explore; I still have the view and huge lovely windows to decorate. Even Lucas seems to appreciate the view!

Although the snow is still here, it's never too early to mention Faery Fest!! I hope to be there again, as a vendor, this year. You can see my pink Dragon Maiden Mask, which was one of my pieces that found a home with a fellow vender last year. This year the festival takes place on June 21, 22 & 23, 2013 - can't wait!

If you're in Southern Ontario and like fantasy art and costumes there's a whole lot of fun to be had at Enchanted Ground - Guelph Faery Fest. Especially for the little ones, but for grown ups too!!

Just click the link if you want to check out the website for Enchanted Ground - Guelph Faery Fest.

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  1. That was the reason why I got an apartment in a high-rise building. The view up there is one of its greatest benefits. See, you and Lucas can have fun just by looking down at the entire city. I would want to see the rest of your apartment though. With the way you decorated your window, I think you already know how to beautify your place.

    Sunni Mahr