Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy June!

I've decided that I really, I mean *really*, love balcony gardening. While I still miss the wild 'jungle' of an overgrown garden that gave my studio much character, I think I have managed to create a small haven on our big city balcony. Here's a few shots:

Some hanging planters add a bit of lushness and privacy - plus, I've always wanted a fuchsia plant but have never attempted to grow one!

You can just see some of the butterfly lights adorning the hanging plants; solar-powered and they glow so sweetly at night.
Of course, we must have some tomato plants and fresh herbs on hand, including basil sprouted from seed...I always have trouble growing basil - wish me luck! 

 Another balcony requisite is bubble-blowing solution!
Oh, and a whirligig or two :)
While I can't grow lilacs on the balcony :( I can certainly enjoy the neighbourhood's lilac trees, which were loaded with blooms this year and smelled LOVELY. Below is a late-blooming variety:

I hope your gardening season is off to a good start. Mine certainly, just to find some time to sculpt - hopefully I will have some work-in-progress pics to share soon!!

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