Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Denizens from the Land of Faery: Enchanted Turtle, Fantastic Gargoyle and... a Pixie Elephant!?

While I did not vend at Faery Fest this year, I still had a chance to visit the festival for a bit since I was in town already and I took a few shots. Below is the wonderfully delightful Enchanted Turtle Wagon, which was like a travelling puppet theatre - awesome!

And of course, my favourite Gargoyle was in attendance:

Plus some other very interesting faerie folk!

The dragons and other beasties from Lilac Grove were pretty disappointed that they did not get a chance to find new homes at Faery Fest so they will soon get some other opportunities to show their stuff - starting off with Lily below:

Lily is a tiny (under 9 inches) Dancing Pixie Elephant who is currently up for adoption :)
Click here to visit Lily's auction and to see more pictures of her!

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