Saturday, December 14, 2013

'Tis the Season

Finally! A thick blanket of December snow has arrived - at least, in my little corner of the world. I haven't had much of a reason to wear my winter boots until recently, but now I may even break out the sled!

Yes, I love the snow.
I also love pretty, shiny, sparkly, glow-y things; hence the pic below. I trudged across 3 huge mall parking lots (not cause I was shopping there but because I was stuck there, between buses) at -15 degree weather to take this photo. I COULDN'T help myself; it glowed at me like beacon in the distance - and what else to do to help fill a one-hour stopover that leaves you in a mall parking lot in early December??

But really, forgot the malls - come support some local artists this season - see below!!
I'll be taking part in the Last Minute Artisan Show & Solstice Celebration next Saturday, December 21st, in Guelph. Come visit if you can!

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